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Article: Releasing federal inmates early requires care (via News

Good intentions are only the starting place for good legislation.

Congress is currently considering the Recidivism Reduction and Public Safety Act of 2014, in which an estimated 34,000 federal prisoners could see a substantial reduction in their sentences. According to a story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the bill would double the time off a sentence an inmate can earn for behaving and participating in certain programs.

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Man got knives into federal court to kill judge, probation officer, complaint says News

A felon desperate to be thrown back in prison got two knives into Detroitï's federal courthouse as part of a plan to kill his probation officer and a judge before changing his mind, according to a criminal complaint filed today.

Timothy Daniels, who has been charged in the incident, was released from state prison on Feb. 11 after spending the majority of the past 40 years in prison, according to the complaint.

Daniels said “that it was not going well and he wanted to go back to prison,” according to the complaint.

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Dosage Probation News

The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) and the Center for Effective Public Policy are pleased to announce the release of NIC’s publication, Dosage Probation: Rethinking the Structure of Probation Sentences

This is a great introduction to a new probation strategy which links “the duration of probation supervision to the optimal amount of intervention an offender needs in order to reduce risk of reoffense”. This monograph “provides a policy and practice framework upon which this new model of supervision can be constructed.
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New Membership Benefits for FPPOA Members News

FPPOA is pleased to announce membership discounts at the following online stores.

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All members can logon to the FPPOA website at to obtain the discount code from the Membership/Benefits page.

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False Liens and Threats against U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services Officers News

During FPPOA's visit with Assistant Director Matt Rowland in May, National President Karin Storm and Northeast Regional President Craig Penet discussed the protection of probation and pretrial officers, specifically as it relates to the filing of false liens and threats. Assistant Director Rowland provided FPPOA with the following information, to pass along to all in the system.

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Recent news

Thomas Gahl Video

On September 22nd, 1986 Tom Gahl became the first United States Probation Officer to be killed in the line of duty. This video commemorates the 25th anniversary of his death.