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is a professional organization for Federal Probation and Pretrial Services Officers. Our members are the creative drive for improving our federal court system through cooperative efforts of training and communication.

Federal Probation and Pretrial Officers Association

FPPOA is now over 60 years of age and is the sole representative association dedicated exclusively for staff working in Federal Probation and Pretrial Services. As part of FPPOA's commitment to the Federal Probation and Pretrial Services, we hope that this site is able to provide you with all the information that fits your professional needs. From the outset, the Association has been a major influence in the growth and direction of the Federal Probation and Pretrial Services System. During its early years, the Association contributed to the establishment of an improved, standardized salary plan, influenced a needed increase in the number of officers and served a major function in assuring qualification of officers for hazardous duty retirement.

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I know you all have missed me, LIFE BEEN LIFING!! Caseload acting up!! Making boundaries and sticking to them!! My son has a demanding social calendar!! You know the drill…any who!! Thought I would drop a line today. No tales from the lodge but still a word on this beautiful spring day!!


I know you never thought being a selfish was a good thing; but it is!! This article talks about the good kind of selfish! The setting boundaries, the taking care of yourself, the putting you first, the saying NO….you get the point. YOU have to make YOU a priority!! It can feel weird and even bad at first; but I promise you, you will feel better and the people around you will feel it too!!


Have a beautiful day!! Smile!! It’s almost summer!! I'm always here for a hug should anyone need one! 😊


Later,  Lamara 


Announcing OPPTS!

Online Probation Pretrial Training Sessions

OPPTS will consist of intermittent online trainings open to members only on a wide range of relevant job-related topics, ranging from treatment programming to career development.

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