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Federal Benefits on the Chopping Block News

We have all been witness to many stories, emails, news headlines and other “not so good news items” about the federal budget, spending and cuts. Our cost of living adjustments as federal employees have been frozen for three years, our district budgets cut, and we are routinely being asked to do more for less. This time, Congress is threatening federal employees with a freeze on within grade step increases until 2015 and increasing federal employees’ FERS contributions from .8% to 5.8%.  

FPPOA, in alignment with recent notices sent by  FLEOA, are also urging that you take the time to contact your Senator and Representative and send them a quick letter urging that this proposal not be passed.  Our retirement, livelihoods and careers as federal employees are being used as leverage in current deficit reduction talks.  Federal Probation and Pretrial Officers serve a unique role in government and provide a public service that protects communities across the country.  FPPOA encourages members and non-members alike to organize, stand together and fight, from every angle.

Below are the links to addresses for the House of Representative and Senate. Take a moment to call on them now and express the importance of providing quality benefits to federal law enforcement officers.

Find your Representative

Find your Senator

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Law Enforcement Involved Shootings - Research on Circumstances News

New findings on how offenders train with, carry and deploy the weapons they use to attack police officers have emerged in a just-published, 5-year study by the FBI.

Among other things, the data reveal that most would-be cop killers:

  • Show signs of being armed that officers miss; have more experience using deadly force in "street combat" than their intended victims;  
  • Practice with firearms more often and shoot more accurately; 
  • have no hesitation whatsoever about pulling the trigger. 

"If you hesitate," one told the study's researchers, "you're dead. You have the instinct or you don't. If you don't, you're in trouble on the street.."

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Click here to download the PDF report from

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Facebook: Sex Offenders Need Not Apply! News

Two articles dealing with Facebook caught my attention recently. The first by DeContodescribed a North Carolina lawsuit challenging state statute Â§14-202.5 as unconstitutional. This law prohibits registered sex offenders, …. “to access a commercial social networking Web site where the sex offender knows that the site permits minor children to become members or to create or maintain personal Web pages on the commercial social networking Web site.” Violations are a Class I felony (punishable but up to 5 years or fine or both). The arguments appear to be centered on freedom of speech and the law is too broad.

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Sex Offenders and Gaming Devices: What is the Risk? News

From time to time supervision officers ask me about gaming consoles and sex offenders. There were some recent incidents that compelled me to write about it today. The first involved a law enforcement request seeking assistance in analyzing a gaming console taken by a parole officer from a sex offender. The parole officer was concerned about what the offender had done with it. The next was a recently decided case striking a gaming restriction for a sex offender [1]. So why all the concern about gaming? Yes they are computers and yes they can connect to the Internet. But can sex offenders use them to have contact with minors and/or access pornography? Let’s take a look! (click here to read the article at

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Human Resources Changes Include Sick Leave Credit for FERS Employees and Abolishing NSPS News

From Congress has been considering a number of changes in the federal government's human resources program that would benefit a number of readers. As often happens, these changes are in a bill that, on the surface, has little to do with the changes that will impact many federal employees.

In this case, the Defense authorization bill contains provisions on various human resources issues that will impact much of the federal workforce.

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Bureau of Justice Statistics Probation and Parole Report News

WASHINGTON – The number of adults under correctional supervision in the United States declined by less than one percent during 2009, dropping to 7,225,800 (or 48,800 fewer offenders than at yearend 2008), the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) announced today. This was the first measured decline in the total number of adults under correctional supervision since BJS began reporting these populations in 1980.

Read the Bureau of Justice Statistics Probation and Parole Report here

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