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Alabama: U.S. Probation Officer Job

Announcement Number: 2018-01
City, State: Birmingham, AL and Huntsville, AL
Permanent Position: Permanent
Number of Positions 2
Salary: $40,464 - $95,388 (Birmingham)
: $41,558 - $97,968 (Huntsville)
Closing Date: 3/16/2018

Position Summary:

The U.S. Probation Office in the Northern District of Alabama is seeking qualified applicants for the position of probation officer. Probation officers serve in a judiciary law enforcement position and assist in the administration of justice and the promotion of community safety through their assigned duties. The positions to be filled from this announcement are in the court services unit. The primary duties of officers in this unit are to conduct pretrial and presentence investigations as outlined in the Representative Duties section of this announcement. Expenses associated with travel for interviews and or relocation are non-reimbursable. Existing U.S. Probation Officers in other districts are encouraged to apply. Lateral transfers will be considered at current CL (up to CL 28) and step (without matching locality pay of originating district).

Download Job Details PDF: Alabama-USPO.Position.Announcement.2018-01.pdf

Rhode Island: Supervising United States Probation Officer Job

Announcement Number: 17-15
City, State: Providence, RI
Permanent Position: Permanent
Job Grade: CPS 29/30
Minimum Salary: $77,105
Maximum Salary: $148,119
Closing Date: 2/16/2018

Position Summary: 

The United States Probation Office for the District of Rhode Island is looking for a Supervising Probation Officer to join our management team. We are seeking a motivated individual to serve in a critical leadership position within the office. As an integral part of the management team, the Supervising Probation Officer is responsible for driving and measuring organizational excellence, while leading staff, coordinating major office initiatives, and fostering teamwork to achieve common goals.

A Supervising Probation Officer is responsible for the quantity and quality of services provided by a unit of probation officers and support personnel. A supervisor serves as a positive role model, mentor, and coach for staff and has a variety of administrative and operational duties. The incumbent communicates, supports, and enforces the policies and procedures of the district.

We are seeking a third Supervisor. Responsibilities will include overseeing the Pretrial and

Presentence Investigations Unit, as well as additional functions to be determined.

Download Job Details PDF: Rhode-Island-Probation SUSPO_1715-2018.pdf

FEDS: Ignorance is Expensive News


Bad things happen to good, conscientious, hardworking federal employees.  Far too many of you still think you are immune to allegations of wrongdoing, regardless of how many times we reinforce the need to have professional liability insurance. Unfortunately, ignorance is expensive.

As probation and pretrial officers, you are vulnerable to investigations and/or civil law suits as a result of actions and decisions made in the course and scope of your employment.  If an allegation is made against you, the challenge is having knowledgeable and effective counsel advocating on your behalf.  Your agency attorney is not your attorney.  It is the job of the agency attorney to defend the agency – not you.  You need to have counsel that has specific experience representing federal law enforcement officers.

Coverage is available for $290 annually.  Probation officers are eligible for agency reimbursement up to half the cost for a premium of $145 annually.  All employees are eligible for agency reimbursement regardless of reimbursement eligibility.  All policies are not the same – FPPOA recommends FEDS due to coverage, cost and customer service.  Don’t forget your $10 FPPOA discount.  Tell the FEDS representative or enter the discount code FPPOA when prompted. The discount code is case sensitive.

Enrollment takes less than 5 minutesCall 866.955.FEDS Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm ET or enroll on-line anytime at  

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FCCA Leadership Lessons of Antietam News

The Federal Court Clerks Association is pleased to announce that we have opened registration for our 3rd annual Antietam Training opportunity for all Court Unit Executives and Chief Deputies entitled “Leadership Lessons of Antietam, A Leadership Workshop for Court Teams.”  The FCCA is sponsoring a two-and-a-half-day leadership workshop that will be held June 4th through June 7th in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.  Please open the attachments for more information, including information on how to register.

(See attached file: Antietam 2018.pdf)
(See attached file: Antietam Letter 2018.pdf)

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Investigators cope with viewing child pornography for work News

CLEVELAND (AP) — Canton police detective Bryan Allen watched a video on his computer that disturbed him so much that he left work and went home to process what he saw.

Allen is 22-year veteran of law enforcement and a member of the Cleveland FBI's Child Exploitation Task Force and the video was of a man raping a boy, no older than two years old. Allen is required to look at these sorts of videos as part of his job, and his job takes its toll.

"Some of them just take it out of you," the 48-year-old detective said.

Allen and the hundreds of other investigators who work child pornography and exploitation cases nationwide must reckon with the short- and long-term psychological impact of repeatedly being exposed to images of helpless children being violated.

Three investigators interviewed by spoke of the taxing nature of the work. All three have to undergo a yearly psychological evaluation to ensure they are still mentally capable of working cases involving child pornography.

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Assistance to Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands News

Since the hurricanes swept through Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, FPPOA has received several emails and calls asking if we would be collecting funds to support our offices on those islands. Historically, the Association has voted to not collect funds for such events, and the board has recently decided the same again.

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Improving Public Safety Through Effective Community Reintegration Practices News

NIC and CCCN are creating a DVD based training program designed to highlight effective community reintegration practices that will promote behavior change and recidivism reduction, enhance public safety, and save taxpayer dollars.


The United States criminal justice system manages a staggering 7 million adults and three quarter of a million juveniles - the majority of which will be returning to our communities. Justice professionals need to take a system-wide, evidence-based approach and work collaboratively if we want to improve public safety and increase the likelihood of success for those reintegrating back into our communities. The collateral consequences for someone involved in the justice system can be severe. For adults, these can include having a harder time finding a job, difficulty finding safe and sustainable housing, and interruptions in family dynamics and relationships. Juveniles can experience difficulties getting back on track with school and maintaining positive peer relationships. And while some of these consequences are unique to adult or juvenile populations, one consequence stands out as damaging for both: the difficulty of successfully reintegrating and connecting back to the community.

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How the 2018 budget resolution process may impact you and your retirement News

The passage of the House budget resolution is one small step in a long and complicated legislative process that may spark significant changes to the current federal retirement system.

Or, it may not.

Republicans are serious about enacting a budget resolution this year, which they see as the vehicle to put their top legislative priority — tax reform — in motion.

Budget resolutions set spending levels under broad legislative categories and aren’t presented to the president. They can also include “reconciliation instructions,” which set the procedures for enacting parts of the resolution into law.

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How a probation and parole officer should supervise sex offenders News

Probation and parole officers must balance the needs of sex offenders with community safety

Most probation and parole officers do not enter the profession thinking they are going to supervise sex offenders. However, at some point in their career, their caseload will probably include a sex offender.

Supervising sex offenders can be more challenging and difficult than other cases due to additional rules, restrictions and laws sex offenders have to abide by, along with the treatment programs they have to participate in to be successful during their time on supervision.

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