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Supervision Duties: Supervise defendants/offenders to provide positive lifestyle changes and to maximize compliance to court imposed conditions, reduce risk to the community, and to provide correctional treatment. Assess risk, develops objectives and strategies for controlling risk, and address identified needs. Utilize evidence-based practices into daily activities and interactions involving defendants/offenders. Maintain personal contact with defendants/offenders by way of both office-based visits and home/community contacts which could take place in unsafe neighborhoods or environments where illegal activities and violence could occur. Investigates employment, sources of income, lifestyle and associates to assess risk, needs and compliance. Responsible for detection of substance abuse through defendant/offender assessment and implements the necessary treatment referrals and/or violation proceedings. Detect and investigate any violations of supervision and implements appropriate alternatives and sanctions. Report violations of the conditions of supervision to the court and appropriate authorities.

US Probation Officer - Supervision
Asheville, North Carolina
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On September 22nd, 1986 Tom Gahl became the first United States Probation Officer to be killed in the line of duty. This video commemorates the 25th anniversary of his death.